The New Economic Order

Since 2009 a new order has come upon us as citizens of the world. Introducing this new order first was the internet, then the concept of globalization and finally the financial depression. When we look at history we would see how that these same events characterizes a new order, whether it was the introduction of democracy, the industrial age or the introduction of the Information Age.


However, this one is quite BIG because more than ever before nations and every economic and social systems within them are largely been driven by enterprise. At first it sounds like a great thing and it surely is, because we believe the entrepreneur would manage resources effectively to minimize waste and inefficiencies. The issue is we are not just ready for the change it has brought upon us.
Let me explain;
As great as this concept is, it is also responsible for;

1- Loss of jobs: unlike government systems, the CEO gets applauded by shareholders when he achieves more with less. This mean he constantly seeks how to reduce the size of his people or make his people do more.

2- Cheap labour: globalization means we can sell our services anywhere. Not bound by time or space. It also means we can lose our jobs to someone in China or India willing to take a tenth of our current pay. What does that mean. Based on rule one(above) the CEO offers you lesser pay(by sacking you and rehiring you as a contract staff)or ships your job to wherever.

3- Value driven approach: working as a consultant on an international project I remember having meetings almost on a weekly basis with partners and the topic was always the same”VALUE FOR MONEY”. In this new economy value is king and being able to quantify your value offering as an employee or business is indispensable. So there goes the job of the customer service rep and whoever’s job that isn’t easily quantifiable. There would soon be an APP for your job.

4- lastly, collapse of some sectors: on this point, I’ll have to say its confidential. This is because some of the people whose industry is about to be wiped out are some of the BIG FISH industries that we have now. In fact, they are so BIG FISH that they can’t even be mentioned by simply throwing out details into cyber space. You would have to look closely at historical and current trends. Beginning from around 1930s to somewhere in the early 2000s to fully understand what I’m trying to talk about(but don’t seem to be able to spill out)

But whichever the case, what can we all do right now.
It’s not what we should do, it’s who we should be.
More details on this soon… .

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