This book shows how the use of a very simple principle can get you absolutely everything you want.
Many times we want to do something and we find out that we are unable to due to some obstacles that’s because we are not willing enough to face any obstacle as long as what we want to do is done. The first principle states that “In order to accomplish something, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.”
This sounds like something we have done many times but how is it possible that it never worked, we don’t have the things we want. Another extremely important part of the message lies in what the principle does not say. The principle does not say that you must actually “do” whatever it takes. It does not demand any specific action. When it comes to getting results, intention is more important than action. What you make up your mind to do is more important than what you actually do.
According to one dictionary’s definition, willingness is “a frame of mind that is open to every possible demand, without judgment, reservation or refusal. The message out of this definition is to have an open mind. Miracles are born in minds that were open to every possible demand, without judgment, reservation, or refusal. They were born in willingness.
This book tells us that we must recognize that whatever our world looks like right now, we alone have caused it to look that way. We should see ourselves as the cause not the effect of what happens in our lives. When you accept responsibility for creating a situation, you are then ready to assume responsibility for changing it. And when you assume responsibility for changing it, you take control of your life.
To take control, you need only two things:
A clear idea of what you want (an objective) and
Once again, the ultimate secret is this: In order to accomplish something, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it. The mechanism behind this principle brings four elements to play. They are: A concept, A law, A phenomenon, and A power.
The concept of thoughts as things; the mistake we make is to consider our thoughts as just mental and not physical. Have we stopped to think about everything we see around us and how it came to being? The building, cars e.t.c, they were all just a mental thought. So how come we can see it. Thought are not just mental but also physical.
The law of attraction; this law explains that things attracts other things. This simply means that whenever we think something, the thought immediately attracts its physical equivalent. For instance, think about eating and soon you are hungry. The thoughts which we can’t see or measure attracts its physical equivalent which we can.
The phenomenon of accelerating acceleration; this simply means” when things begin moving towards each other; they move at an ever-increasing rate.” The law of attraction is so powerful that once it picks up momentum, they fly towards each other with increasing speed.
The power of an open mind; an open mind is like an open window. When you keep your mind open you permit your thoughts to find their physical equivalents in ways a closed mind may not have consciously thought possible.
All these put together helps us to get absolutely everything we want but above all like Goethe said: Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

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