Change is here and the events that have characterized that change has been remarkable.
First APC ousted a seating government, Jonathan surprisingly rises to unprecedented greatness in our history books by publicly conceding and making sure the election ended peacefully and life for the first time looks very different from now on.
But I’m concerned we might miss the really BIG change that is coming.
Change has come and every business person or soon to be business person smart enough to understand the trends would immediately see the HUGE opportunities that are coming.
Historically, in business and politics around the world something significant always happens every 15-18years. In fact, if you study world economics you’ll see we always interchange a depression for an economic boom every 15years or so. But that isn’t the big issue here even though it’s a great foundation for it.
Over the next 15years there would be MASSIVE wealth redistribution in Nigeria, new billionaires would emerge, more business conglomerates would spring up. Please note that I’m not saying this because the APC would suddenly flood the ministerial and special assistance offices with their people. Here’s why I’m saying this;
- the APC would at the least try to impress Nigerians with some change and every step they take would create billion Naira industries. Here are a few of our issues;
1- Everyone knows we have issues with electricity. Any step to fix that would create new captains of industry, new jobs(and perhaps thousands of them), huge income for a lot of people
2- Nigeria has over 20 million housing deficit. So if the APC attempts to do anything about this, the real estate industry is bound to experience a HUGE boom. Because from experience we know the APC would most likely employ the PPP(public private partnership) model so it means minimal risk for industry players and of course a lot of money to come after that
3- Having come in through the power of social media and the internet, I’m guessing their focus might be on that too. So it’s probably going to be a great year for techies
4- Generally, there should be more people able to spend more so people into consumables as well as lifestyle goods might also have an up time this season(remember I also said APC administration would create a new set of ‘rich’ people who before now didn’t have that kind of access)


The list is really endless.
So what should you do.
Two things. Maybe three.
This opportunities would go on to its peak in 15-18 years so you want to spend the next years getting busy, really busy trying to accumulate two things
1- Capital; a lot of these opportunities would be open to everyone. But it’ll only be those with the financial capacity or the financial intelligence to muster that capacity that’ll take advantage of it.
2- Social Capital; this has nothing to do with corruption. It’s a fact that people basically give businesses to their friends. It becomes corruption when those friends are incompetent.(we all know who APC’s ministers would be, the good thing is, we consider them competent). What does this mean for the ordinary man. Build your business but also make out time to really network. There’s someone who’s around you right now whose network is a perfect match with what you’ve been looking for.

The last thing is the ability to keep an open mind. So much is going to happen over the next 15years(and this has nothing to do with a prediction that APC would still be in office). People who would create a huge lifestyle are those who are open minded enough to review opportunities without prejudging.
Welcome to the CHANGE we all voted for.
God bless Nigeria.

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