About Us

Limbsimple Vision

To be a foremost consulting brand in Africa that creates phenomenal successes from everyday people and businesses


To empower our clients with simplified technical, inspirational and motivational information that would enable them make deliberate positive improvements in their lives and businesses

LIMBsimple is an acronym for Life, Investing, Money and Business made simple. Our focus at LIMBsimple is to provide simplified technical, inspirational and motivational knowledge. We intend to help breakdown complex issues in life, investing, money and business in order to make them simple enough for the everyday person. Our goal is to simplify issues so that anyone can understand and make informed and deliberate decisions about their future.

It is our observation that everyone, regardless of their disposition wants a better life and if they knew and understood better, they would be act better but the challenge is that sometimes they don’t really get to understand how to move from where they are to where they would rather be because of the complexities of the things they have to learn on their way up. Our job is to explain, inspire and motivate them in the simplest possible way for them to make deliberate improvements or progress in their lives and move from where they are to where they want to be.

Our Product

We provide STIM knowledge on entrepreneurship and personal transformation to help people and businesses make deliberate positive improvements.

STIM is an acronym for;

  • Simplified
  • Technical
  • Inspirational
  • Motivational


Our Services

Enterprise Development Services

Entrepreneurial businesses are consistently faced with challenges from proper structuring per time, business plan writing and implementation, idea execution to periodic business re-engineering.
We at LIMBsimple offer simplified cutting edge technical skills to entrepreneurs to help them start and build sustainable businesses.
Our first step amongst many in this direction is our flagship Enterprise Development Conferences as well as business re-engineering services for several notable businesses.
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Business Strategy

It’s common knowledge that a lot of business strategies fail because of poor execution. However we believe that when a strategy is poorly executed it could largely be because of the strategy itself.
Is the strategy simple enough.
Does the strategy have the buy-in of key stakeholders
Were the key stakeholders even a huge part of the strategy formulation or werer they just handed a strategy report to execute.
This is where we come in, with the LIMBsimple Strategy Factory you’re sure to have a simplified innovative workable strategy formulated and agreed upon by everyone concerned thereby increasing the rate of execution.
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Corporate Trainings

Every business must realize that it’s greatest asset is its people and not it’s product, services or even customers. Hence investing in your people is not a luxury, its a survival technic in todays business environment.
Investing in training your people in relevant key competent skills as it regards personal and professional development, customer services, performance management, improving workplace relationship and business communication is key to your success as a business.
Having training several notable business, government and non governmental organisations we are just what you need when next you intend to improve the quality of your workforce at every level of your organisation.
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What Product Quality means for us

At LIMBsimple, product quality in one word for us means PROGRESS. We believe people only make progress in their lives and businesses when they;

Our Values

(RITES) Relationships, Integrity, Teach-ability, Excellence, Simplicity

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