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Making 5 Minute Presentations

Here’s the truth; we all make presentations almost all the time. We make presentations to our bosses, friends, clients, spouses and even to ourselves(even though this could be kinda weird) Statistics has shown that over 85% of the presentations we make are short, about 5 minutes or less. Think about…

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180 Minutes Series

In trying to provide inspiration and simplified technical skills for top performers we are introducing the LIMBsimple 180minutes series. In this series we would be hosting top CEOs, Entrepreneurs and enviable Achievers in our society who would share with us simplified technical skills from their vast experience as well as…

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#EDCAbuja July Edition Postponed

The LIMBsimple’s Enterprise development conference (EDC) is an initiative of the LIMBsimple Company as our way of encouraging young people to find and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit as well as teach them how to start and build sustainable businesses For over a year the #EDCAbuja has impacted on the lives…

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How to enjoy your life

A large part if your adult life would be filled with work. The average person would spend at least 8hours a day working at their jobs or business and that’s amount to one third of your time and life. So here’s my formula for enjoying your life. 1- DO WHAT…

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Saving The #EDCAbuja

For over a year now the Enterprise Development Conference (#EDCAbuja) has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs find the courage to start out at following their dreams, start their own businesses, solve their various business challenges and help with developing the right networks that has enabled them move to their next…

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