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March #EDCAbuja Report

The March edition of the #EDCAbuja which held at Hawthorn Suites hotel was perhaps the best #EDCAbuja yet. The event started quite early with participants coming in very early in order t secure a seat. By 4.15pm, Ezekiel Solesi the conference host came up to talk briefly about LIMBsimple and…

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Taking BIG STEPS- #EDCAbuja March 2013

The LIMBsimple’s Enterprise development conference, Abuja (#EDCAbuja) is an initiative of the LIMBsimple Company as our way of encouraging young people to find and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit as well as teach them how to start and build sustainable businesses. It is a free event. The #EDCAbuja event would be…

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Simplify Your Strategy

Today we’ll be discussing simplifying your strategy using the #hashtag #SimplifyStrategy Strategy is basically how organisations create and sustain economic value. Value in this sense refers to the difference between your cost of production and the price your customers are willing to pay for your goods or services. Now, this…

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#EDCAbuja Postponed

#EDCAbuja Postponed Good day. First we would like to thank everyone who was a part of the #EDCAbuja last year. Last year we had powerful sessions at the #EDCAbuja which consistently held at the Transcorp Hilton thanks to our partnership with the Abuja Literary Society. Those sessions were facilitated by…

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If you have gold under the ground in your backyard are you rich? I’ve asked this question many times and gotten several interesting responses but here’s my opinion: I think having gold hidden in your backyard doesn’t make you rich. Knowing that you’ve got gold hidden in your backyard makes…

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