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I usually have a lot of people ask me Why #EDCAbuja? In this article I want to bare my mind on why LIMBsimple hosts the #EDCAbuja. I love this country and I’ve always been concerned about the growing unemployment in our Nation. Its my opinion that the government and the…

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35 Things To Do In 2013

As we go into the new year, I’ll be sharing 35 things I would take note of in 2013 using the #hashtag #in2013. These are things I learnt through the year that I think should be guiding thoughts for me in 2013. You’re free to adopt any of them you…

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Problems = Businesses

Every problem you see is an opportunity to start a business. Every problem has in it a business idea, depending on your perspective. You can either get overwhelmed by the problem or get inspired by it. You can either see how big the problem is or see a big opportunity…

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Improving Economic Value

Statistics have shown us that most businesses fail within the first few years. One of the reasons I believe businesses fail is because over time they become an organisation with low or no economic value. This is probably because most people get into business without one very important ingredient. They…

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The Failure of Success

Two Things Success May Never Teach You Success is great. In many ways it often evokes some of the highest, inexplicable emotions known to man. How did you feel when you finally got that job? How did you feel when you were able to finally take that small business startup…

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