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Entrepreneurship 3.0

Where Business meets Social change The world around us is changing. In fact it’s not news anymore for us to hear of things like Web2.0, 3.0 and the likes. We’ve advanced in technology from analog to digital and more, we have witnessed our sociopolitical system change and for the most…

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What to learn from terrorists.

Musa is 9 years old. He lost both his parents three years ago to a natural disaster. Now he’s left to take care of his two siblings. Hungry, without education and off course too young to have successfully learnt any trade with which to earn a living he results to…

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Seating on a rocking chair I started to remember the future. I use the word remember because I’ve been there so many times by way of the cheapest and most reliable time machine known to man. As I clearly remembered, it was the 8th of April 2052 and I was…

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Crafting Elevator Pitches

Individual Competitiveness = What you know+How you express what you know X ( Who you know+ Who knows you) Niyi Adesanya. Fifth Gear Consulting. From this quote it is clear that while competence give you an added advantage in being individually competitive in today’s world, your network gives you a…

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October 2012 #EDC Abuja Report

About the October event. The October edition was amazing. We had over 100 people show up for the conference. We had two speakers. Ezekiel Solesi: conference convener. Japheth Omojuwa: Social media expert ( @omojuwa on twitter ) For videos of the event please go to TubeNaija

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