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The Grik Forum and its logo are registered trademarks of LimbSIMPLE | All Rights ReservedThe GRIK ( Guild of Revolutionary Intellectual Knowledge) forum is an idea derived from the way the ancient greeks taught transformationally. GRIK forum is a meeting where people gather to debate, exchange and share ideas on entrepreneurship, business and personal transformation. Issues ranging from business strategies, work-life balance, inventions, innovations, professional and personal relationships and deliberate change would be discussed. Its goal is to empower our youths with simplified technical, inspirational and motivational information for deliberate personal and national transformation.

Each meeting, a more experienced and respected thought leader in a particular sphere of life would be brought to share his thoughts on a particular issue. We intend o make it interactive hence questions would be asked in order to drive the lessons home. In the GRIK forum our broad focus would be on principles because they are universal truths which apply anywhere in the world.

We would specifically be focusing on strategic methodologies used by our speakers in applying principles to every part of their lives and daily living. This is to give participants something to model after. We are going to be as practical as possible within the parameters of the principles, knowing that we can never break principles, we can only break ourselves against them. We would create an atmosphere where each participants can air his/her view in order for us to get as many perspective to the issues as possible. We would discuss real life case studies, focusing on the application of universal principles as we learn how principles apply to typical situations.

The goal of the GRIK forum is to help elevate the prevailing thought patterns in our society. To help provoke superior ideas in the areas of entrepreneurship, business, personal development, technology, social life and deliberate change. GRIK forum would be a free event but we would require that people register for it. We would only admit a maximum of 100 participants per event. This is because we believe so much in the Pareto principle which we interpret to mean that 20% of the people can create 80% of the needed change. This would also help us create a controlled environment where every participant can get a maximum impact from the program and have a good chance at asking insightful questions.

The Grik Forum is a registered trademark of Limbsimple. All rights reserved.

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